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About Beaver Meadow Farm

The history of the farm dates back to 1761 when Ichabod Robinson was granted land from Benning Wadsworth. The farm is about a quarter mile from the original path of the Crown Point  Road built by the British during the French and Indian Wars, 1759 to connect Lake Champlain and Boston.

The present home was built before 1800, the small barn about 1790, and the main barn, 120 by 36 feet, was built around 1890 on the site of an older barn that had burned down. The three story barn is constructed of 7" x 7" posts and beams with mortise and tenon joints, mostly sawn lumber and a slate roof.  The hay mow stores about 6,000 bales. The middle floor has four horse stalls, a drive-in area for loading and equipment storage and a 30 x 37 foot insulated workshop.

The lower level is divided into bays for horse run-in and storage. One bay has a separate warm waterer and serves as an infirmary to give an injured horse privacy and protection.